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A Broken World - A Dark Angel RPG
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A Broken World is an online Dark Angel RPG that picks up where the TV series left off.

The world is finally aware of the existence of Transgenics, and tensions escalate as the transgenic escapees are vilified as monsters, blamed for all manner of societal woes, everything from random violence to outbreaks of disease being laid at thier feet. A situation not helped by the fact that incidents involving desperate transgenics actually have occured.
Forced out into the open, the Transgenics beat a hasty retreat back to Terminal City, and decided to take a stand.

We are now accepting applications. A list of canon characters can be found here. We're also accepting original characters.

You can apply for A Broken World by sending an email to the address listed above, including a basic description of your character (including any special abilities) and where that character fits into the Dark Angel Universe. Include a piece of in-character writing that is no shorter than 250 words and no longer than 500 words. All applications will be judged on quality of writing and characterisation as judged by the mods.