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June 11th, 2007 - A Broken World - A Dark Angel RPG [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
A Broken World - A Dark Angel RPG

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June 11th, 2007

Terminal City - Wednesday, May 24th, 2021 [Jun. 11th, 2007|01:36 am]
A Broken World - A Dark Angel RPG


Terminal City is a 20 square block industrial zone in sector seven which is fenced off against the public. It was mostly occupied by biotech companies back in the day, but when the Pulse hit, a whole bunch of them lost containment, resulting in one big-ass biohazard.

It's not safe for ordinary people to spend extended amounts of time the place - it's toxic and they get sick. This isn't a problem for the Transgenics, who were innoculated against all manner of bio-warfare agents by Manticore.

So in the wake of the destruction of Manticore, many Transgenics, freakish mutants and stunning X-series alike, have ended up moving into Terminal City, a place uninhabitable to anyone but them.
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Seattle Underground - Wednesday, May 24th, 2021 [Jun. 11th, 2007|01:39 am]
A Broken World - A Dark Angel RPG


Through purple skylights, an eerie lilac light filters down to illuminate an all but forgotten city known as the Seattle Underground.

The passages of the subterranean ghost town are dank and dusty. The windows and doors of long abandoned shops and dwellings break the monotony of red brick walls. Broken relics of a bygone era can be found scattered throughout the labyrinthine streets and buildings of the buried city, as well as more modern litter, left behind by urban explorers and shelter-seeking transients.

Patches of restored buildings mingle with ruin, the niceties of Pre-Pulse historical interest having offered partial salvation. But mostly, the decaying bricks remain coated with the soot and ash of a fire that raged long ago, the once-sturdy walls of the Underground now crumbling beneath the weight of the modern city built atop them.
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Sandeman's House - Wednesday, May 24th, 2021 [Jun. 11th, 2007|07:21 am]
A Broken World - A Dark Angel RPG


Originally built in the 1930's, the house that used to belong to Sandeman stands in a mild neighbourhood of sector eight. It consists of three stories, a top floor, ground floor, and basement.

It's been renovated and updated over the years, whilst still retaining it's antique charm, but left to the ravages of time and squatters in the wake of the pulse, the house is badly in need of repair. Despite the fact that many of the windows in the house have been broken and boarded up, stained glass windows on the eastern wall have somehow remained intact. Through these lead light windows, which feature an interesting snake and apple motif, light filters in, casting an array of colour over a large fireplace which dominates the front room, along with built-in shelves packed with old books.

In the basement, there is a trap door which leads down into the Seattle underground, a recent addition which allows the house to serve as the secret gatehouse to Terminal City, the place the Transgenics have claimed as their own.
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